This Lego-like phone may help save the world

This Lego-like phone may help save the world

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FROM THE “Holy shit why hasn’t someone thought of this before” files is this great concept that could help save a hell of a lot of unnecessary waste. Imagine an electronic device that was actually designed to last or, at least, be repaired / reconfigured. It’s painstakingly obvious that most products today are designed to be trashed in a few years time — the average consumer replaces his phone every 11-18 months. Sometimes you come across electric appliances from the 60s and 70s that are still ticking along; not a chance you’ll see something produced today that will last into the 2040s.

Electronic waste is a very large problem, and the US leads the world in “e-waste” (mobile phones, computers, other electronics). Most of the trashed electronic devices end up in China or India where it is sifted through to extract useful components and material, a process that is extremely toxic to the environment and the people handling the waste.

Check out Phonebloks in the video above — a concept from Dutch designer Dave Hakkens — and if you support the idea, visit the project page at Thunderclap and show it by donating your social reach. On October 29, 2013 they will send out a social media blitz in an effort to prove that people around the world want this product.

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