Powder for Powder: A winter pilgrimage from Idaho to Alaska

Powder for Powder: A winter pilgrimage from Idaho to Alaska

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Powder for Powder: Idaho to Alaska
A 5-part adventure travel series

THE ROAD FROM IDAHO TO ALASKA is lined with powder.

Just over the Canadian border, Revelstoke and its Monashee Mountain culture is becoming the best place on Earth for helicopter skiing. From Revi and BC’s Powder Highway, the ALCAN runs for thousands of miles over frost heaves and tundra to Thompson Pass and Tailgate Alaska, to Paxon and the RV city of Arctic Man, to Haines and a mind-blowing lift into the ultimate powder playground.

For a true testament of what this journey takes, what the road ahead has in store, and what it looks like to score an Alaskan experience of epic proportions, follow Matador Ambassadors Yancy and Wyatt Caldwell as they embark on a self-documented road trip from Sun Valley, ID, north to Canada and Alaska. Loaded to the gills with gear, a couple cameras, and a truck camper to call home, these Idaho bros send it with style and strength into the great unknown, leaving powder for powder at every turn.

Watch the entire series as it’s released:

Episode 1: Monashee mission
Episode 2: ALCAN adventure
Episode 3: Tailgate Alaska
Episode 4: Arctic Man

Watch the video: Winter driving in Fairbanks, Alaska


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