32 best Airbnbs in Venice, Italy

32 best Airbnbs in Venice, Italy

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If you haven’t realized it yet, Airbnb is basically the ‘Couchsurfing’ of 2014. Sort of. The user-friendly website allows travelers to find location-based accommodations posted by the owners looking to rent out their spaces nightly.

Those places, however, span 34,000 cities in 194 countries, and the prices (on a sliding scale from $10-$1,000 and beyond, a handy feature you can adjust yourself) are more than broke-traveler friendly. Furthermore, you can sort by neighborhood, amenities, property type, and host language, and you might just find that you have the opportunity to stay in a room that’s just as cool as the city you’re visiting (as the site boasts, “tree houses, castles, boats, etc.,” around the world).

Here are 32 excellent Airbnbs in Venice, Italy
The cheap

$35/night • Via Amba Aradam, Venice, Veneto 30173, Italy

Take a minute to recognize what you’re getting here for $35 a night. You’re not getting a manky cot in a room of 6, nor a shared room at all — you’re getting a whole Venetian apartment. A whole apartment.

$35/night • Venice, Veneto, Italy

After the first night, this single “hostel-style room” drops down to $21 a night. It’s not immediately in the city, but from the comments it looks as well connected to the city as described.

$50/night • Corte Castello, Mestre, Veneto 30173, Italy

Kitschy but attractive, this slight departure from the $35 demonstrates a significant jump in accommodation quality. Also, who doesn’t love multi-colored inflatable Smurf dolls haphazardly attached to the wall?

$51/night • Via Antonio Canini, Venice, Veneto 30175, Italy

A “one-room-fits-all,” this listing boasts wifi and a TV in-room. That’s practically a hotel room, for a third the price. The back-and-forth between the owner and recent renters is heartwarming, and sort of makes me feel like I’d be staying with my Italian mom.

$54/night • Via Nervesa, Venice, Veneto 30171, Italy

Look at how chic this place is. It looks like a goddamn Pottery Barn ad, complete with needlessly low-hanging lantern. If you want to stay in style and on a budget (while still having every amenity a Westerner expects), this is probably my top pick.

$62/night • Viale San Marco, Venice, Veneto 30173, Italy

My first reaction when I saw this place was “Wow. Orange.” After flipping through the pictures, I concluded that this is probably the most colorful Airbnb I was going to encounter, and that staying here would be like going to see my crazy aunt (which I confess, makes it personally all the more appealing).

$78/night • Sestiere Santa Croce, Venice, Veneto 30135, Italy

Sure, this room was brought to you by Ikea, but with 5-star ratings across the board it’s a serious contender when deciding where to stay in Venice. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s got a canal side, and if that isn’t authentic Venice I don’t know what is.

$85/night • Calle Sabbion, Venice, Veneto 30123, Italy

Though we’re headed away from anything that can be considered ‘cheap’, this room closely approximates what I think of when I think about going to Venice (it’s probably the woodwork and the regal wallpaper). With full amenities and no extra charge for additional people, this suddenly becomes very cheap with another person or couple of people.

The midrange

$120/night • Calle Squero, Venice, Veneto 30121, Italy

Back to basics, this place is ideal if you’ve got the extra cash and want to feel like you’ve actually moved to Venice. It’s minimalist, but 37 incredibly happy customers must be on to something.

$134/night • San Polo, Venice, Veneto 30125, Italy

Sure, the offerings of this Airbnb are sparse at best, but what you’re paying for is the ability to roll out of bed and look out the window onto a scene straight-up stolen from Assassin’s Creed. That, and the location: “2 minutes walking to San Polo square, 2 minutes walking to boat stop San Tomà on Canal Grande, 2 minutes walking to Chiesa dei Frari, 1 minute to supermarket Billa, 15/20 minutes walking to train station.”

$142/night • San Marco Square, Venice, Veneto 30124, Italy

Okay, so getting over the fact that this is basically an attic, this spot is ideal if you want to pay to pretend you’re a middle-class Renaissance artist (and who goes to Venice not pretending they’re either a Renaissance artist, James Bond, or Indiana Jones?). The view is killer, the location is killer, the amenities are decent, and (according to the comments) the photos are accurate.

$156/night • Calle Arco, Venice, Veneto 30122, Italy

The draw here is definitely not the inside but everything that’s outside. I just want to get a powdered wig and cane and traipse up and down those stairs onto the landing forever and then bypass the actual apartment and go to the balcony to wave at boats passing by.

$156/night • Calle Brazza, Venice, Veneto 30121, Italy

Holy crap this place is modern. If you want to experience the past from the standpoint of the future (and can afford to do so at $156 a night) this is probably your best bet.

$156/night • Sestiere Castello, Venice, Veneto 30122, Italy

Ok, so ‘Federico’ could have probably chosen a more welcoming profile picture, but thankfully I barely noticed while ogling this listing. It’s elegant in its simplicity, and the idea of it being “located in a hidden and traditional square of Venice away from touristic routes” intrigues me.

$168/night • Venice, Veneto 30122, Italy

This place is gorgeous. I would live in this apartment anywhere, but the fact that it’s in Venice makes it a no-brainer (namely, the canal-view window/door thing). Yes, they do say you have to go to a local café to get your wifi, and, yes, this quote, “The snake in paradice is the smelte in the bathroom,” from the comments is more than enough to raise an eyebrow, but all-in-all it seems a solid choice if you’re looking to hole up your whole family somewhere central in Venice.

$212/night • Sestiere di San Marco, Venice, Veneto 30124, Italy

As if designed by the collaborative team that brought you Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and Alcatraz prison, this place reminds me a bit of staying in a theme room at Disneyland Hotel. Everything makes sense, and there’s a unity to it, but that doesn’t change the fact that the whole shebang is objectively strange. Fortunately for me, I like strange.

$212/night • Castello, Venezia, Veneto 30122, Italy

Owned by the same mysterious ‘Veronica’ as the previous listing, this place has a different feel altogether. The best of both worlds, between look and location, this has to be my pick for the best midrange place in Venice.

$262/night • Sestiere Dorsoduro, Venice, Veneto 30123, Italy

Before I get a flood of comments on this article about how “$262 is hardly midrange,” I will add that this is the upper limit before the massive jump to ultra-cush. That, and comparable accommodations in these locations are likely to cost WAY more than this a night. Plus, just look at this place — there’s a wire spiral staircase. With no extra charge for the up-to-6-people it accommodates, you and a group of friends could split this place for $44.83 a night.

The ultra-cush

$622/night • Sestiere di San Marco, Venice, Veneto 30124, Italy

We’ve left the realm of the readily affordable and can now push the boundaries of the amenities as we prepare to look at places that cost more a night than I make in a month. This first place, however, is sort of cheating since it’s a duplex that houses 13, which would cost each person $47.85. Sadly, there’s just no fun in that, so assuming you felt like you needed two whole apartments to yourself for your weekend in Venice, this is as good as it gets.

$630/night • Sestiere San Polo, Venice, Veneto 30125, Italy

One thing immediately jumps out at me reading this listing. 4 bathrooms. Jacuzzi tubs in every bathroom. Because at $630 a night, it’s very important to me that I always have the option to step away from any toilet and immediately into a Jacuzzi tub.

$637/night • Sestiere San Marco, Venice, Veneto 30124, Italy

The most important thing about this place is that no matter where you are in the whole apartment, you can see the city you’ve traveled to. Be it in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or shower, you can see Venice — and it’s very likely Venice can see you too.

$664/night • Venice, Veneto, Italy

Our very first self-proclaimed palazzo, if that kind of thing tickles your fancy. A complete home and basic foothold in Venice, the beauty of this place has to be the living-room fireplace, though the size of the palazzo is also quite appealing. Plus, the profile picture of the host looks like she’s partied about has hard as I would in a place like that.

$834/night • Sestiere Castello, Venice, Veneto 30122, Italy

The title says it all: “five-star luxury palace, canal views.” Personalized concierge and cleaning lady, included. Piano and bronze statues in the living room, included. Feelings of modern royalty, also included. Those people who claim there are some things money can’t buy have clearly never stayed in a place like this.

$848/night • Ramo de l’Orso, Venice, Veneto 30124, Italy

Ah, there’s nothing that eases waking from a restful night’s sleep like having the drapes around the bed pulled back by golden cherubs. Another fusion of look and location, every detail from the “18th-century” room, the “Chinese” room, the “Arabian-style” indoor garden, and the “Turkish” room is spot on, and immersing yourself in the hallway art collection would be an experience in itself. Still, for $848 a night, I’d expect “Edouard” to throw in those fancy costumes as a souvenir.

$877/night • Sestiere San Polo, Venice, Veneto 30125, Italy

Another from Faville Tours, this modern home has room for you and 19 of your friends. Or, if you’re like me, the fantasy of staying in a place that could support 19 friends if I had 19 friends. Broken down, that’s $43.80 a person a night, which makes this place pretty affordable, all things considered.

$1132/night • Campiello Albrizzi S. Polo, Venice, Veneto 30125, Italy

This is the absolute upper-end of Airbnbs for Venice. If you have ever had the desire to take out a mortgage and leverage your child’s college fund for the ability to stay in a historic palazzo of nobility (complete with frescoed ceiling), this is where you could stay. This place has so much history it’s impossible not to be haunted, so you’re guaranteed the most authentic Venetian experience feasible.

Honorable mentions

$20/night • Via Giulio Cesare Parolari, 88/b, Venice, Veneto 30174, Italy

You know, I laughed when I first saw this, but after $1100/night, suddenly $20 for a “covered wagoon in nature” doesn’t seem so bad. Sadly, however, I am “too much afraid of ants,” so this place probably isn’t going to work for me.

$40/night • Via Olivi, Mestre, Veneto, Italy

Back to basics, this place is perfect for you and a couple friends headed to Venice. It’s got all of the amenities of a hostel and the comforts of a home.

$92/night • Cannaregio, Venice, 30121, Italy

The name alone earned this a spot in honorable mentions. The “Conceptual Devices Apartment 1” seems a bit like an architecture student’s flat, but the courtyard is nice, and it’s got a great view of Palazzo Labia. Whatever that means.

$92/night • Fondamenta Rio della Tana, Venice, Veneto 30122, Italy

This place is pretty sweet, though not cheap enough to make the cheap list, and not remarkable enough to go anywhere else. Still, I’d definitely stay here over a comparably priced hotel.

$184/night • Sestiere Santa Croce, Venice, Veneto 30135, Italy

Another great alternative, this place doesn’t really provide the option of splitting the price with friends but looks to be as romantic and well-situated as the listing describes. Plus, it receives consistently high remarks.

$269/night • Sestiere Cannaregio, Venice, Veneto 30121, Italy

A fascinating and bizarre blend of old and new, this modern yet pseudo-historical-industrial style is sure to be the perfect place for someone. At $269, however, I’m not sure it’s the best bang for your buck.

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