Spain has reinvented crossing the street, and it is awesome

Spain has reinvented crossing the street, and it is awesome

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A lot of times, we accept the basic features of our cities for no particularly good reason — we’ve just been doing it that way for so long that we don’t even think about doing it otherwise.

A great example is the modern crosswalk. For streets with less automobile traffic and more pedestrian traffic, why cross only at the intersections?

Vigo, Spain has an interesting new system for crosswalks: Instead of zebra stripes marking the intersection, there are tiny lit pillars all along the street that are red when crossing isn’t allowed — and traffic is moving through — and then turn green when it’s okay to cross. It wouldn’t necessarily work at every intersection, but it’s a new, creative way of thinking about traffic in the city. And hopefully, it would mean fewer bullshit jaywalking tickets.

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